San diego zoo employment

Zoologists, Wildlife Biologists, Veterinarians, and everyday people dream of the opportunity to work side by side with exotic and wild animals. The San Diego Zoo provides these opportunities as well as the reward of working with an extraordinary staff of researchers, educational providers, zookeepers, veterinarians, and managerial and professional staff. The San Diego Zoo is a leader in conservation and education. With an annual attendance of nearly five million guests, why work at just any zoo when you can be a part of something big. Come join the community at the San Diego Zoo.

Employment opportunities at the zoo range from directors of veterinary services to educational guides. Staff at the San Diego zoo come from diverse educational backgrounds and serve diverse needs throughout the zoo. However, all staff members are expected to be dedicated, hard working, and compassionate about animal welfare. If this sounds like you then be sure to check out available opportunities at These jobs are competitively sought and go quickly! Act now, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!



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